Pip Seldon


I’m a Construction Project Manager, Health & Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Speaker and founder of the Healthy Tradie Project.

​My time in the construction industry means I’m comfortable stepping on to site in my hard hat, boots and hi-vis to connect with Tradies!

​My transformational journey began in 2009 after the loss of my eldest brother, a carpenter, to suicide.

In 2009 I immersed myself in health studies covering nutritional science, weight management, mindset and behaviour change, functional exercise programming and coaching. In 2017 I completed Baptiste Institute’s Level One: Journey Into Power yoga training in the USA.

I believe that wellness exists in all of us and through the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle practices, we can each unveil our healthiest self – physically, mentally and emotionally.

​In my quest to implement a proactive approach to suicide prevention, I founded the Healthy Tradie Project to deliver Healthy Tradie Workshops, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation to construction industry workers.

You can find me on construction sites around Australia leading teams of Tradies in high-vis, boots and hard hats through our unique Tradie Power Yoga and Tradie Mind Stillness practice.

​Simply put, I give Tradies the tools they need to make step-by-step changes in their lifestyle unlocking the keys to looking, feeling and living better!

Brendon (Foz) Foster

Zuu Trainer + Remedial Massage Therapist

As a junior athlete I competed in various sports locally, nationally and internationally.  However, there were times during my sporting career where my athletic pursuits took a back seat to some major injuries.

It was during rehabilitation and my return to sport that I took an interest in the human body and began my studies in to how I could support my body to perform at my best.  At the same time, I began coaching and working as a sports trainer to rugby and ice hockey teams.  I’ve complemented my skills as a coach and sports trainer by also becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist.

After retiring from competitive sport, I explored alternative styles of training, and discovered Zuu, kettlebells and the Art of Breathing.

Zuu is functional, low impact body weight training designed to move the human body in ways that it was designed to move.  By improving the functionality of your body, you increase strength, reduce the risk of injury and help recover from existing injuries.  Going against the grain of many workouts that encourage a sense of competitiveness, Zuu is a communal, team experience.  I go one step more than health, wellness and fitness by focusing on building a positive, authentic, supportive community.

Through my own personal experiences in competitive sport, my career as a team coach and trainer, remedial massage therapist and certified Zuu affiliate, I aim to empower people with the knowledge and tools I have gained so that they have the mobility, strength and flexibility to move with freedom in any way they choose.

Richard Toomey

Yoga Instructor

I’ve always enjoyed an active lifestyle, participating in physically demanding sports such as rugby, cricket, martial arts, and weightlifting.

As a result my body carried the wear and tear of this physical activity.

​From the moment I attended my first Power Yoga class, I discovered that it’s a perfect fit for me, providing a powerful physical practice while improving my core strength, flexibility, joint mobility and balance.

But it’s the ‘hidden’ benefits of yoga like tools to better cope with stress, compassion for and connection with your body, and increased mental strength and discipline that have encouraged me to bring the practice of yoga into my daily life.

​I have completed Baptiste Institute’s Level One: Journey Into Power training in the USA and Expand Your Power: 200 hour teacher training in Australia.

​This has taken me on a powerful journey that is transforming my life.

​​I want to show others how yoga can be integrated into their life making yoga accessible to people who would not normally be drawn to its benefits or be comfortable in the conventional environments where it is currently available.

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